Two adirondack chairs on the 黑料 campus

A Conversation 鈥淏etween 2 Mammoths鈥

In this episode, Rene茅 脕lvarez and President Elliott discuss her journey to 黑料, what she likes so much about her position as a meal checker in Dining Services, and what it means to her to be named an honorary member of the class of 2024.

Photos of the panelist speaking at a discussion about the Black student athlete experience at Amherst.

Past | Present | Future

A discussion of the past, present, and future of the Black student-athlete experience at 黑料.

Ilan Stavans and John McWhorter

Point/CounterPoint 2024: The People鈥檚 Tongue

This virtual lecture series examines our current ideological crossroads, both nationally and globally, from the perspectives of opinion writers, poets, activists, linguists and historians.

What Started in the Flow Tank Beneath Pratt Gym: Lessons from Corals and Jellyfish

Juli Berwald Ph.D. 鈥89 shared how her time at Amherst launched a lifelong love of the oceans and provided reflections, thoughts, and insights from her two recent books, Spineless, about jellyfish, and Life on the Rocks, about corals.

Aparna Nancherla and Jennifer Acker

LitFest 2024 Videos

Four videos from LitFest 2024: Readings by Alumni authors and interns at The Common; poet Ilya Kaminsky; comedian, author and actor Aparna Nancherla, and Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Ed Yong.

Four people sitting on stools at the front of a room speaking to the audience.

The Common Launch Party of Issue 26

Portfolio co-editor Miguel M. Morales, poet Juli谩n David Ba帽uelos, and prose writer Nora Rodriguez Camagna joined Emily Everett, managing editor, for readings and conversation about place, immigration, writing, farmwork, and family.

Alena Smith at 黑料.

DeMott Lecture 2023

Alena Smith, playwright, TV writer, and creator, showrunner, and executive producer of the streaming series Dickinson, presented the 2023 DeMott lecture, claiming, 鈥淚 believe the Emily Dickinsons of the 21st century are sitting in this room.鈥

Three minute thesis

2023 黑料 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Hosted by Susan Daniels, associate in 黑料 speaking, ten thesis students, nominated by their departments, compete to communicate the significance of their research in three minutes or less.

A man speaking from a podium while three other speakers, seated at a table, listen on.

鈥淪lavery, 黑料 and Black Lives in the Connecticut River Valley鈥

This presentation explored questions such as: What is 黑料鈥檚 historical relationship to slavery and racism? And, how have Black people in Amherst and Holyoke resisted oppression and built communities and vibrant cultures? 

Ken Stern

鈥淎ntisemitism and Binary Thinking: Campus Culture and the Future of Democracy鈥

Keynote address by attorney and author Kenneth Stern, director of Bard College鈥檚 Center for the Study of Hate and former executive director of the division on antisemitism and extremism at the American Jewish Committee.

A poster for the Reflections on a Legacy alumni panel showing 5 people at a table with microphones.

Reflections on a Legacy: Amherst Uprising Alumni Panel

The Black History Month Planning Committee presented a panel discussion reflecting on the events of the Amherst Uprising of 2015. Panelists included Felipe Rico 鈥16, Irma Zamora 鈥17, Mercedes MacAlpine 鈥16, and Nayah Mullins 鈥17.

Nekima Levy Armstrong stands behind a podium with a microphone.

MLK Symposium Keynote Speaker: Nekima Levy Armstrong

鈥滷rom the Classroom to the Streets: The Struggle for Justice Continues,鈥 with Nekima Levy Armstrong, an award-winning civil rights attorney, activist and racial justice advocate.

Hilton Als and Frank Roberts

LitFest 2023 Videos

LitFest, 黑料's annual literary festival, now in its 8th year, was held on Thursday, February 23 - Sunday, February 26, 2023. 

A hand holding a cell phone showing the 黑料's green living guide.

Sustainability at Amherst

Director of Sustainability Weston Dripps, joined by 4 Sustainability Interns, discusses the relationship between environmental, racial and socio-economic injustices and the need to approach these issues from a systems perspective. 

trayfuls of plants lined up in a greenhouse

Welcome to the Book & Plow Farm

Maida Ives, manager of farm education and operations, provides an overview of the Book and Plow Farm at 黑料.

Computer desk set up with four monitors

Nicola Courtright: Reflections on Hybrid Teaching

Nicola Courtright, William McCall Vickery 1957 Professor of the History of Art at 黑料 reflects on how she adapted to hybrid-teaching during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Sankofa is a word in the Akan Twi and Fante languages of Ghana that translates to

Videos from Black Alumni Week

Videos from Virtual Black Alumni Week, April 12 -18, 2021. A conversation with Kellie Jones 鈥81, H鈥18, Thomas Mitchell 鈥87, hosted by Ayo Lewis 鈥21, and conversation with Dr. Angela Y. Davis, moderated by Dr. Kimberly Bain '14.

David Brooks and Ilan Stavans

Politics and Poetry: A Point/Counterpoint Series

This virtual lecture series examines our current crossroads, both nationally and globally, from the perspective of opinion writers, poets, activists, linguists and historians.

LitFest 2021

LitFest 2021 Videos

Relive a bit of LitFest 2021 with these videos of some of the fiction and poetry readings and discussions by our invited guest speakers.

Maya Foster '23 with an I Voted Mammoth sticker

Election-Related Videos

AC Votes goes above and beyond to get students engaged in voting, as well as post-elections reflections by members of the Amherst community.

Multiple people applauding virtually

Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration

Our senior celebration included video messages from the community, photo highlights from the past four years, an appearance by the student commencement speaker and the Choral Society, and a surprise special guest.

The mammoth receives its diploma

A Mammoth Graduation

As part of our unprecedented virtual celebration for the class of 2020, our Mammoth processed across the main quad and received an 黑料 diploma. 

Zeke Emanuel and Biddy Martin

COVID Conversation: Zeke Emanuel and Biddy Martin

Oncologist and bioethicist Zeke Emanuel 鈥79, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress joins President Biddy Martin.

Arthur Brooks and Phil Jackson

COVID Conversation with Arthur Brooks and Phillip Jackson

Arthur C. Brooks, Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School in conversation with Trustee Phil Jackson 鈥85, Priest-in-Charge and Vicar of Trinity Church Wall Street in NYC.

Harold Varmus and David Kessler

COVID Conversation with Harold Varmus and David Kessler

Nobel Prize-winner Harold Varmus 鈥61 joins Trustee Emeritus David Kessler 鈥73, for a discussion hosted by Trustee Shirley Tilghman H鈥08.

Joseph Stiglitz and David Novak

COVID Conversation: Joseph Stiglitz and David Novak

Trustee Emeritus Joseph Stiglitz 鈥64 H鈥74, Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor of economics at Columbia University, talks with private equity executive and Amherst trustee David Novak 鈥91.

A professor leads a class on the Main Quad at 黑料

Bringing Amherst to You

What exactly is the Amherst experience is all about? This short video highlights our beautiful campus and, more importantly, what makes this community feel like home. 

Three minute thesis competition at 黑料

2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition

Hosted by Susan Daniels, associate in 黑料 speaking, ten thesis students, nominated by their departments, competed to communicate the significance of their research in three minutes or less.

Poster for justice themed speaking competition showing a hand holding a microphone

2020 Speaking Competition

Speaking contests and prizes have a long history at Amherst. The tradition continued on Feb. 18, 2020. Presented here are eight student speeches on the theme of "Justice."

Ben Rhodes and Andy Ward

Writing the White House: Ben Rhodes and Andy Ward

LitFest 2020: Obama aide Ben Rhodes, author of the best-selling book The World As It Is, and his Random House editor, Andy Ward 鈥94, in discussion with host Cullen Murphy 鈥74.

Susan Choi and Laila Lalami

A Conversation with Susan Choi and Laila Lalami

LitFest 2020: Professor Judith Frank, in conversation with National Book Award recipient Susan Choi and finalist Laila Lalami. 

Photographers with cameras and tripods in a hallway inside the Beneski Museum of Natural History

Intro to Photogrammetry -- Interterm 2020

Participants in this Interterm 2020 course worked collaboratively to photograph historical objects and dinosaur track-ways in the Beneski Museum.

Peoples Pint beer bottles

Amherst Alumni in the Field: Alden Booth 鈥83, P鈥12 and Lissa Greenough 鈥83, P鈥12

When Booth and Greenough opened beloved brewpub The People鈥檚 Pint in Greenfield more than 20 years ago, area farmers weren鈥檛 accustomed to selling directly to restaurants.

Ilan Stavans and Stanley Fish

Is Truth Doomed in the Age of Trump? And is Free Speech in Peril?

Stanley Fish, Yeshiva University, in conversation with Ilan Stavans, 黑料, discussing free speech on college campuses.

Douglas Lawrence and Elizabeth Kolbert

Point/Counterpoint with Elizabeth Kolbert: Progressing Our Way to Mass Extinction?

Environmentalist author Elizabeth Kolbert joined Professor Lawrence Douglas for a discussion on "Progressing Our Way to Mass Extinction?" as part of the Point/Counterpoint series.

President Martin speaking during Family Weekend 2019

A Conversation with President Biddy Martin: Family Weekend 2019

President Biddy Martin welcomes visiting families, answers questions from the audience, and shares anecdotes about recent events on campus.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 黑料 President Biddy Martin seated on stage

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Addresses Campus

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined 黑料 President Biddy Martin for an onstage conversation.

John Michael Higgins '85

Amherst Alumni in the Field: John Michael Higgins 鈥85

John Michael Higgins 鈥85 talks about what he learned at 黑料 and how those lessons have helped him to succeed as a professional actor.

A photo of Min Jin Lee

DeMott Lecture 2019

The 2019 DeMott Lecture was given by distinguished author, National Book Award finalist, and writer-in-residence, Min Jin Lee.

Professor Marc Edwards in a biology lab with a student

Meet Professor Marc Edwards

Assistant Professor of Biology Marc Edwards discusses why he became a scientist and a teacher, and the best advice he's ever received.

Lyndsey Scott

Amherst Alumni in the Field : Lyndsey Scott '06

Lyndsey Scott 鈥06, actress and software engineer, embodies the driving curiosity and deep versatility of Amherst alumni.

Karu Kozuma

Walking a Mile in Your Shoes:

What happened when Karu Kozuma, chief student affairs officer at 黑料, and senior Megan Root 鈥19, shadowed each other for a week? Find out what they learned from this experiment.

Jamel Brinkley and Brandon Hobson

LitFest 2019 Videos

Videos featuring talks by Jennifer Egan, Jamel Brinkley, Brandon Hobson, Charles Mann '76 and Elizabeth Kolbert are available to the Amherst community until May 4, 2019.

Close-up of a hand holding a pen to paper.

Creative Writing at Amherst

Judith Frank, Professor of English, talks about what it takes to succeed as a writer and touches on what students can expect from the creative writing program at 黑料.

Chris Lehane 鈥90 giving a presentation about Airbnb

Amherst Alumni in the Field

Chris Lehane 鈥90, head of global policy and communications for Airbnb, believes the company's home sharing mission is using technology to create community-wide economic benefits.

Students walk on a greenway pathway to the science center

Science Center Celebration

Hear remarks by Biddy Martin, President of 黑料, during a celebration on October 20, 2018, of Amherst鈥檚 new Science Center.

Amartya Sen and Ilan Stavans

Amartya Sen: 鈥淕lobalism and Its Discontents鈥

Amartya Sen, economist and Lamont University Professor at Harvard University, joined 黑料 professor, and host of NEPR's In Contrast, Ilan Stavans for a Point/Counterpoint discussion.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist

Watch as Amherst Philosophy Professor Alexander George conducts a "little experiment in imagination and influence" on Katherine Duke 鈥05, assistant editor, Office of Communications.

Joseph Stiglitz and Ilan Stavans

Joseph Stiglitz 鈥64: 鈥淕lobalism and Its Discontents鈥

Joseph E. Stiglitz is an American economist and a professor at Columbia University joined 黑料 professor, and host of NEPR's In Contrast, Ilan Stavans for a Point/Counterpoint discussion.

Three members of the Alumni Panel from the Science Center opening

Alumni Panel: Science Center Celebration

The Science Center opening celebration kicked off with a panel of alumni reflecting on their time at 黑料. 

Aatish Taseer speaking at 黑料

We Shall Be A Country With No History: A Lecture by Aatish Taseer 鈥03

Author and contributing opinion writer for The International New York Times, Taseer discussed his experiences at Amherst,  and how they gave him a new perspective on his country of origin, India.

Aatish Taseer 鈥03

An Interview with Aatish Taseeer 鈥03

Before arriving in Cole Assembly Room to deliver a speech, Aatish Taseer 鈥03 stopped by Alumni House to answer questions about his work as a journalist and an author of fiction and nonfiction.

Daryll Harper

Alumni in the Field

Darryl Harper 鈥90 discusses how he entered 黑料 as a psychology major but graduated with a commitment to pursuing a career as a professional musician.

President Biddy Martin at Homecoming 2018, 黑料

Homecoming 2018

President Biddy Martin addressed homecoming visitors on Saturday, Nov. 10 in Johnson Chapel.

Sue Everden

Meet Head Volleyball Coach Sue Everden

Head Volleyball Coach Sue Everden reflects on her storied career and what keeps her motivated as a coach.

Saskia Sassen

Globalism and Its Discontents: Point/Counterpoint with Saskia Sassen

Saskia Sassen, professor of sociology at Columbia University,  joined Amherst's Ilan Stavans, Spanish professor, for "Globalism and Its Discontents," part of this year's Point/Counterpoint series.

George Will speaking at Point/Counterpoint

Globalism and Its Discontents: Point/Counterpoint with George Will

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Will joined Professor Ilan Stavans the first installment of this year's Point/Counterpoint series.

Danielle Allen

DeMott Lecture 2018

Danielle Allen, the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University & Director of Harvard鈥檚 Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, delivered the 2018 lecture. 

Students and staff welcoming the Class of 2022

Orientation 2018 Recap

All 492 of them participated in six days of Orientation activities designed to introduce them to the campus, the faculty and staff, and to each other, the members of the Class of 鈥22. Go Mammoths!

黑料 students building a soccer-playing robot

Summer Robotics with Professor Ashley Carter

A team of six students from across several fields of study spent part of the summer assembling Eugene, a soccer-playing robot.

Eboo Patel speaking at 黑料

Building a Diverse Democracy: Interfaith Engagement in Times of Crisis

Eboo Patel visited 黑料 on February 27, 2018. His presentation explained why diversity and pluralism are more important now than ever before.

Students learning about entrepreneurship from Matt Glickman

Amherst in the Field: Matt Glickman 鈥87

For Matt Glickman 鈥87, entrepreneurship is not about creating something new, but about taking the best ideas from a wide range of disciplines and apply them in new places.

HOUSE: Selections from the Collection of John and Sue Wieland

An Interview with Art Collector John Wieland 鈥58

Wieland's unique art collection engages with the idea of the house as a fundamental element of people鈥檚 lives, an interest driven by John鈥檚 professional life as a home-builder.

Senior Speaker Noor Meloy Qasim

Senior Class Speech

Noor Meloy Qasim 鈥18 was chosen by her class to speak at Commencement.

President Biddy Martin addressing the Class of 2018 during Commencement

Presidential Address: Commencement 2018

Watch the video and read a transcript of President Biddy Martin鈥檚 address to the Class of 2018.

Kevin Moss

Russia and Its Others: Kevin Moss 鈥77

This talk explored Russian gay identity through two literary works, a scene from Mikhail Kuzmin鈥檚 1906 coming out novel, Wings, and Evgeny Kharitonov鈥檚 鈥淟eaflet.鈥

Sergey Glebov Kathleen Kelly Smith 鈥87

Historical and Political Context - Sergey Glebov Kathleen Kelly Smith 鈥87

Sergey Glebov, Associate Professor of History and Kathleen Smith 鈥87, Professor of Teaching, Center for Eurasian, Russian & East European Studies (Georgetown), discuss Russian politics and culture.

Bryn Geffert and Catherine Ciepiela 鈥83 giving a galk about Russian politics

Putin, Poets and Patriarchy

Bryn Geffert, Librarian of the College and Catherine Ciepiela 鈥83, Professor of Russian and Director of the Amherst Center for Russian Culture discuss Russian politics and culture.

Luciana Duarte 鈥93

Amherst Alumni in the Field: Luciana Duarte 鈥93

Luciana Duarte 鈥93, currently the VP and Global Head of Employee Experience at HP,  discusses how her liberal arts degree from 黑料 prepared her perfectly for her career.

Point / Counterpoint

Trump Point/Counterpoint

Interviews with the speakers in the "Trump: Point/Counterpoint Series" as well as full presentations by two of the speakers.

Petina Gappah

Writing Africa Today: On the Intersection Between Truth, Justice and Reality in Contested Spaces

Zimbabwean writer and international lawyer Petina Gappah spoke at Amherst on Feb. 14, 2018: 鈥 Writing Africa Today: On The Intersection Between Truth, Justice and Reality in Contested Spaces." 

Kirk Johnson: Amherst Alumni in the Field

Amherst Alumni in the Field: Kirk Johnson 鈥82

Kirk Johnson 鈥82 discusses his journey from 黑料 to Sant Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Poet and activist Sonia Sanchez speaking in Johnson Chapel

Sonia Sanchez: 鈥淏eloved Community鈥

Honoring the theme of 鈥淏eloved Community,鈥 poet and activist Sonia Sanchez delivered the keynote address at the second annual Dr. Martin Luther King Legacy Symposium on January 27th.

Wesley Lowry

Trump: Point/Counterpoint Speakers

As part of its interdisciplinary exploration of the Trump Administration, an Amherst course featured a conversation series with four guest speakers.

Sebastian Junger

A Video Interview with Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Storm and co-director of the documentary Restrepo visited 黑料 on Nov. 14, 2017.

Kwame Anthony Appiah videos

Kwame Anthony Appiah

Kwame Anthony Appiah's talk, 鈥淗ow Not to Think About Race, Culture and Class,鈥 available to the campus community (password protected) until Jan. 29, 2018, and an interview by Stefan Yong 鈥18.

Richard Wilbur and Biddy Martin

Remembering Richard Wilbur

A celebration of the life and poetry of Richard Wilbur, includeding poems, songs, images, memories and conversation.

Mscot preview

Mascot Sneak Preview

On October 20, 2017, the new mammoth mascot will make its debut at 8:00 p.m. on the Valentine Quad.

Amherst Alumni in the Field: Catherine Brownstein '97

Amherst Alumni in the Field: Catherine Brownstein '97

Catherine Brownstein 鈥97 discusses how her liberal arts education prepared her for a profession that didn't even exist when she started her undergraduate journey.

Book signing reception for author Bill Taubman

"Gorbachev: His Life and Times"

Pulitzer Prize Winner William Taubman discusses his newly released book, Gorbachev: His Life and Times, with Pavel Machala, the Charles E. Merrill 1908 Professor of Political Science.

William Taubman discusses his new book about Gorbachev

Taubman on Gorbachev

An interview with William Taubman, Bertrand Snell Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, the author of Gorbachev: His Life and Times.

Purple and white balloons at the entrance of campus

Orientation 2017 Recap

The 489 newest Amherst students arrived on campus Aug. 29, many with families in tow. These first-year and transfer students graduated from 388 secondary schools and speak more than 45 languages.

Biddy Martin speaking at the podium at Convocation 2017, 黑料.

Convocation Sept. 4, 2017

鈥淲e have to dedicate ourselves as strongly as ever, perhaps more strongly than ever, to truth-seeking.鈥 Watch President Martin鈥檚 full Convocation address.

Science Center under construction

Science Center Update - Summer 2017

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2018, the state-of-the-art Science Center will be a home for teaching and research and offer additional classrooms and gathering spaces for the entire campus. 

Reading in Virtual Reality video

Reading in the Virtual World

Professor Andrew Dole talks about his efforts to create spaces for students and professors to read without distractions, and about using virtual reality to enhance academic focus.

Peter Rubinstein 鈥64: Alumni in the Field Video

Amherst Alumni in the Field : Peter Rubinstein 鈥64

Amherst didn鈥檛 have a department of Jewish studies, or even a class on Judaism, so Rabbi Peter Rubinstein 鈥64 took a theology class with Professor Pemberton instead.